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Gentle Movers employs ladies and gentlemen from many nations. Because we know the countries to which you are planning to move we can provide superior service, give you better prices, and help you gently settle into your new country.


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Speak with a live relocation specialist and see why Gentle Movers is your best option for moving internationally.
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If you are shipping just boxes, we can group them with other shipments in a container and send you on your way very economically. You need to label all of your boxes as if sending them via mail with Gentle Movers as the sender.
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Your boxes and furniture can be placed on wooden pallets and shrink-wrapped by us for their journey in overseas containers.
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Your goods can be placed in sturdy wooden boxes or crates, labelled and shipped in overseas stock containers.
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If you are shipping two or more rooms of furniture, or bulky commodities, you may need a whole container for yourself. There are two types of containers,twenty and forty feet. To estimate the value of your shipment and determine what size you need, call your Gentle Movers relocation representative and have them calculate it for you.
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Customs Clearance
Gentle Movers can arrange for customs clearance for inbound and outbound shipments (imports and exports) for smooth sailing.
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Trucking and Loading/Unloading
Gentle Movers is conveniently located by major ports and the airport. Wehave interchange agreements in place which allow us to pick up yourshipment and deliver it to your home or business, place everything in the exact location where you want it, and dispose of any and all packaging materials you do not want.
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Gentle Movers sells boxes and rents crates specially designed for your moves. We provide you with necessary labels and stationery for a smooth move. You can even order them online!
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Gentle Movers Provides Indrusty-Leading Insurance for your protection without any aditional cost to you. For our clients who prefer to acquire more coverage than our insurances provide, we offer Optional Protection Coverages (OPC).
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Please note that pricing is based on volume, weight and destination, as well as your needs and the origin of the shipment. If you have questions about your specific needs, you can speak with a live Relocation Specialist at (617) 333-3400, or e-mail Gentle Movers at .
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