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Office Moves

Most moves are straightforward, but some are challenging.

For over threedecades Gentle Movers has managed many specialized moves.


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No matter how challenging the job is, Gentle Movers is ready for it. Speak to one of our specialists today and get it done effortlessly.
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Disassembly and Reassembling
When stairs are not wide enough, or the elevator is not high enough, a crane will do the job. Gentle Movers owns and operates and if needed arranges for any size cranes to get the job done safely.
Hoisting is the most practical way of bringing items in and out of windows or balconies. There is no machinery involved. Only the hoisting straps, ropes, padding and strong men are needed for this job. Gentle Movers has it all. For a fraction of crane fees we can hoist refrigerators, dressers, couches and so on up or down in no time as part of a move or separately.
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If you are planning to do your own packing, let us come in and meet with your employees and bring them knowledge and ideas on how to pack and prepare for the move, free of charge.
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Machinery and save moves
Moving heavy objects requires more than just muscle; experience, necessary equipment, and know-how is what Gentle Movers can offer to complete such moves. We arrange subcontractors for disassembly and reassembly (when needed) or work along with owners' contractors.
Our Gentle Movers are trained to handle baby grands, grand pianos, spinets and full uprights. We carry piano boards and straps as well as the necessary padding to ensure a damage-free relocation of your investment.
Protection You Can Count On
Blown Away

There are those items that require, more than anything, the gentle touch; MGM Studios needed the gentle touch before they filmed the movie Blown Away, so that contents of neighboring houses wouldn't blow away with the boat they blew up in the Charles River. The Horticultural Society wanted to remodel their library of 14th century books, so they called Gentle Movers for packing and moving of these delicate items. The Old State House depended on our gentle hands for temporary relocation of their historical items during restoration.


Not every move is the same but Gentle Movers is the one company called upon over and over again to meet the various challenges of moving. We are proud to say we take the challenge.

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Gentle Movers Provides Indrusty-Leading Insurance for your protection without any aditional cost to you. For our clients who prefer to acquire more coverage than our insurances provide, we offer Optional Protection Coverages (OPC).
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Have Specific Needs? We've got you covered.
If you have questions about your specific needs, you can speak with a live Relocation Specialist at (617) 333-3400, or e-mail Gentle Movers at
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